Question: What are the customs and traditions of Ireland?

The day includes feasting, spring cleaning, and making Brigids crosses with rushes. St. Patricks Day, held on 17 March, originally was to celebrate Christianity coming to Ireland but has become a day to celebrate all things Irish around the world. In Ireland, the day features traditional music, dancing, and parades.

What special traditions are celebrated in Ireland?

St. Patricks day has morphed into a modern celebration of Irish culture, language and arts. Thousands of bystanders decked out in green and shamrocks crowd the main streets of the Dublin city center to watch the St. Patricks Day parade. The city comes a live with fireworks, music and dance for three days every March.

What is tradition example?

The definition of a tradition is a custom or belief that is passed down through the generations or that is done time after time or year after year. An example of a tradition is eating turkey on Thanksgiving or putting up a tree on Christmas.

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