Question: Does OurTime have fake profiles?

It is possible to find real dates in OurTime. The only problem is that because of the sites target group; there are a lot of scammers creating fake profiles to take advantage of the sites users and try to steal money from them.

Can you hide your profile on Ourtime?

Click My Account from the drop-down menu. Under Account Status, click View Account Status. Click More Account Status Changes. Click Hide My Profile.

What does a green dot beside a friend on Facebook mean?

A green dot beside someones name on Facebook means that they are active and available for chat.

What is incognito on OurTime?

Incognito mode gives you the chance to disappear and browse the site in secret. Make your profile invisible for 24 hours, or even longer if you want to! During this time, you can view as many profiles as you like without the members knowing.

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