Question: What was the population of Annapolis Maryland in 2010?

What is the population of Annapolis 2021?

The current population of Annapolis, Maryland is 39,241 based on our projections of the latest US Census estimates.

Was Annapolis ever the capital of the US?

Toward the end of the Revolutionary War, the City also served as capital to the newly forming American nation when the Continental Congress met in Annapolis from November 26, 1783 to August 19, 1784. Here too, on January 14, 1784, the Treaty of Paris, ending the Revolutionary War, was ratified by Congress.

What percentage of Anne Arundel County is black?

Race & Ethnicity The largest Anne Arundel County racial/ethnic groups are White (68.2%) followed by Black (16.3%) and Hispanic (7.8%).

Is Annapolis a good place to live?

Given its great location and amenities, the cost of living in Annapolis, MD is higher than many other locales, but its definitely in line with most major Maryland cities. The average cost for a one-bedroom apartment in Annapolis is $1,784 per month and the median cost for a home is $417,000.

What do you call someone from Annapolis?

Annapolis by any other name would smell as sweet Broken down into Anna + polis, it literally means Anne City. Fun fact: did you know that someone from Annapolis is called an Annapolitan? However, the city didnt always have this name. Annapolis is also affectionately referred to as Crabtown.

What percent of Anne Arundel County is white?

TablePopulationPersons 65 years and over, percent 15.0%Female persons, percent 50.5%Race and Hispanic OriginWhite alone, percent 73.6%54 more rows

Is Annapolis called Naptown?

Naptown is a nickname and may refer to: Annapolis, Maryland. Indianapolis, Indiana. Kannapolis, North Carolina.

Is it safe to live in Annapolis MD?

Annapolis is in the 24th percentile for safety, meaning 76% of cities are safer and 24% of cities are more dangerous. The rate of crime in Annapolis is 41.22 per 1,000 residents during a standard year. People who live in Annapolis generally consider the northeast part of the city to be the safest.

What is the fastest growing county in Maryland?

Since 1990, population in Calvert County has soared 35.1 percent, making it Marylands fastest-growing county. During the same period, Charles County grew 13.8 percent, and St. Marys population jumped 12.8 percent.

What is the most populated county in Maryland?

Montgomery County Table 2.1 displays the estimated population of the state as of July 1, 2020 by geographic region and political subdivision. Montgomery County continues to be the most populous of the 24 subdivisions, followed by Prince Georges County, Baltimore County and Baltimore City, respectively.

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