Question: Is it good to date someone who is a Gemini?

Are Geminis good people to date?

They might not understand each other, but theyre fascinated by each other, which is even better. Gemini also clicks with fellow air sign Libra—they both value communication and really *get* each other. Theyre both social butterflies too. And of course, Geminis love to date fellow Geminis!

Are Gemini bad to date?

Gemini is so hard to date because they can be manipulative. Unfortunately, this means they might manipulate someone or something into giving them what they want. Because of this toxic behavior, it can run the closest people in their lives out of it.

Why are Geminis the best to date?

Life wont get stale while dating a Gemini. Their sense of adventure and curiosity about the world brings variety thats exciting. Besides their energetic social lives, their personalities are surprising, as well. Their secretive nature gradually allows small amounts of information to surface.

How does a Gemini apologize?

But after hurting their loved ones, they will always be quick to apologise by cooking their favourite meal. Gemini would initially act like nothing is wrong at all until you make them realise that they should say sorry.

Who are Geminis bestfriend?

Geminis Best Friend: Libra These two bubbly personalities resonate with each other on a spiritual level, laughing into the night – no matter how late it gets. When youre a Gemini and your best friend is a Libra, you wont ever have to worry about running out of things to talk about.

What makes a Gemini cry?

Geminis might be very enthusiastic, confident and bold people, but they have a tender heart. Romantic or sad movies can easily make them cry. Though these people are very energetic and explorers, they can get vulnerable also during a movie.

Are Geminis hot?

They make great therapists, too. Geminis are social butterflies who know how to party — all these are reasons why people find this sign so attractive. As a Gemini, you may wonder if people find you attractive because of your good looks, but theres a lot more to you than pretty eyes and a nice smile.

What makes a Gemini happy?

So, What Makes A Gemini Happy? Its not too hard to make a Gemini happy. Geminis tend to be enthusiastic and seek excitement and happiness in their lives. So, playful banter, a spontaneous trip out of town or hanging out with friends all bring a smile to a Geminis face.

Are Gemini pretty?

Geminis are mostly very beautiful all over, and thats nice and everything, but if you want to recognize a Gemini because of their physicality, you can do it through two of their feature: their hands and their mouth.

Why are Geminis so hot?

Geminis are such good friends, that they protect others who may not see whats going on. People like having someone who does everything to help them avoid bad situations, which is why Geminis qualities are so attractive.

Are Gemini cute?

As big thinkers, Geminis will often have a lot to say. Very charming and often flirty, the Gemini knows what to say and when to say it. You can always trust that a Gemini will keep things interesting. When Geminis want to be, they are often the topics of conversation.

Are Geminis tall?

The Gemini is often tall and strong with shiny eyes and an expressive face. Even when at rest, the Gemini has a sense of energy within. Your complexion is often light and you have a high forehead with a straight nose.

How is a Gemini in bed?

Gemini are also highly skilled in oral sex. Theyre so fantastic at it that you might think they have two tongues. Dont be insulted if your Gemini partner would rather give than receive. Its just in their nature, so go with it.

Is Gemini a devil or angel?

6: GEMINI: Of course, youll be in the middle. You have dual personalities with one being the devil and other an angel. Your little devil and angels are always sitting on the shoulders to contradict each other.

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