Question: Where do most Lebanese live in Australia?

In New South Wales, most Lebanese Australians were reported to reside in the Western Sydney council areas of City of Bankstown, with City of Holroyd, City of Canterbury and City of Parramatta (all pre-2016 council areas). The area included suburbs such as Lakemba, Greenacre and Punchbowl.

How many Lebanese people live in Melbourne?

After three successive migration waves over 120 years, the Lebanese-born population of Melbourne stood at 13 907 persons and those of Lebanese ancestry at 32 000 in the 2001 census. This represents 98.2% of all Lebanese living in Victoria.

When did Islam first come to Australia?

Islam has been in Australia since the 1700s when Macassan traders were long-term visitors to Arnhem land (now Northern Territory).

Why did Lebanese people move to Australia?

The earliest Lebanese immigrants to Australia settled in New South Wales in the late nineteenth century, escaping economic hardship and religious and political persecution under the Ottoman Empire. By the early twentieth century, second-generation Lebanese were contributing to Victorian public life.

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