Question: Where can I buy electrical equipment for a caravan?

What accessories do I need for a caravan?

20 things you need in your essential caravan starter kitTowing mirrors. If youre towing a caravan, you need to be able to see 20 metres behind you, and four metres either side of the caravan. Spare rear number plate. Water carrier. Waste water carrier. Electric hook-up lead. Gas bottle. Regulator and gas hose. Gas spanner.More items •Mar 19, 2018

How long does a caravan electrical certificate last?

The electrical certificate is valid for 48 months from the date of issue. The certificate can only be issued by a qualified and currently registered Electrical inspector.

What do I need in my caravan kitchen?

Cooking utensils – dont forget barbecue tools. Can opener, bottle opener, measuring jug and kitchen scissors. Oven gloves and tea towels. Cutlery.

What clothes to pack for a caravan holiday?

Planning your Caravan Travel Wardrobe If youre going to a warm climate youll need lighter clothing like shorts, singlet tops, tee shirts, summer dresses, sandals and thongs. You may also like to throw in a pair of bathers and a sarong or cover up for swimming.

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