Question: Whos older Ant or Dec?

They are both the same age. Dec is older. Born on September 25, 1975, he 45 years old.

How old is Ant Dec?

Dec is the oldest out of the pair as he is 45-years-old having been born September 25, 1975. Whereas Ant was born November 18, 1975, which makes him 44 soon to be 45.

Is Ant and Dec a couple?

TV host Ant McPartlin and Anne-Marie Corbett have tied the knot. The newly married couple were pictured smiling as they left St Michaels Church in Heckfield, Hampshire, after their wedding ceremony on Saturday. McPartlin, 45, posed for photos with his TV partner and friend Declan Donnelly, 45, outside the building.

Are Ant and Dec cousins?

In November 2019, Ant and Decs DNA Journey aired, which followed the pair as they retraced their family roots through DNA samples. In the show, they both found out that they have the same DNA marker, which means Ant and Dec are related as distant cousins.

Is Dec scared of pigeons?

When Ant, 42, told Dec, 42, that the room contained the birds, Dec moaned: Oh no. Then, if people hadnt realised what Dec was saying, Ant said: He hates pigeons.

Why did Ant and Dec leave Smtv live?

In 2001, Ant & Dec left the show to present Saturday night talent show Pop Idol and were replaced by Hollyoaks star James Redmond. Redmonds stint at SMTV Live lasted just three months however, after show bosses decided he had not settled into the role.

Is Dec scared of birds?

5) Ant has a phobia of spiders and Dec is scared of birds, which is pretty impressive considering the number of Bushtucker Trials theyve hosted. 7) Ant and Dec didnt get along when they first met, as they were both quite competitive, but soon bonded over their mutual love of Newcastle United.

Whats Cat Deeley doing now?

Cat Deeley officially returned to London in 2020, after living in Los Angeles for the 14 years, and a photo shared by her husband Patrick Kielty revealed a first look at their new homes beautiful living room.

How much do Ant and Dec earn a month?

Ant & Dec get paid £2.5 million a month by ITV The pair come from humble beginnings and have worked their way to the very top of the showbiz ladder, earning staggering amounts from their employers, ITV.

Why is Ant always on the left?

After a poll found that 70% of viewers were unable to tell the boys apart, Dec admitted standing in the same positions is a useful way to help out the public. The pair now position themselves so that Ant is on the viewers left, and Dec on the right.

How much is Holly Willoughby worth 2020?

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield have worked together for fourteen years now, co-presenting This Morning and Dancing on Ice. However, according to website Celebrity Net Worth, Holly is allegedly worth 8million dollars, putting her 4million behind Phillip, whos said to be worth 12million.

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