Question: How do you date Jasperware?

Wedgwood jasperware can often be dated by the style of potters marks, although there are exceptions to the rules: Before 1860: Mark is Wedgwood. Usually accompanied by other potter markings and a single letter. From 1860 to 1929: A three-letter mark represents in order, the month, the potter, and the year.

What is the Wedgwood mark?

The Wedgwood standard impressed mark The standard impress mark WEDGWOOD appears on ceramics that also have a three-letter code. Within the three-letter code, the third letter is associated with a year. The table below shows the details. These impressed markings first appeared in 1860 with the year letter O.

Are there fake Wedgwood?

Wedgwood fakes are circulating the market in what may be the most serious ceramics fraud of the century. The fakes, all masquerading as 18th-century pieces, were made between the 1950s and 1970s by a single forger, who died in 1976. The forger was once employed by the Wedgwood factories.

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