Question: How many streams does Mi Gente have?

How many views does Mi Gente have?

400 million views J Balvin & Willy Williams “Mi Gente” video has passed 400 million views on YouTube. With its new milestone, the clip becomes the third-fastest music video to reach that figure, behind Adeles “Hello” (26 days) and Ed Sheerans “Shape of You (46 days), according to a spokesperson for YouTube.

What instrument is used in Mi Gente?

Title:Mi GenteBy:J Balvin & Willy William ft. BeyoncéInstruments:Voice, range: B3-G5 PianoScorings:Piano/Vocal Singer ProOriginal Published Key:E Minor5 more rows

Who made the beat for Mi Gente?

Willy William Willy William (born 14 April 1981) is a French DJ, record producer and singer, famous for his club remixes and vocal collaborations with a number of dance music artists. He is most famous for his French hit Ego and his Latin hit Mi Gente, the latter with J Balvin.

How do you pronounce Mi Gente?

0:190:56MIGENTE - HOW TO PRONOUNCE IT!? - YouTubeYouTube

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