Question: How far can P trap be from shower drain?

The P-trap should be located no more than 24” below the drain. There is no minimum distance for how far below the drain a P-trap should be.

Does p-trap have to be directly below shower drain?

If you install TWO P traps the shower will NOT drain. The P trap SHOULD be directly under the drain, but no more than a few inches off center of it, if conditions require it. NO trap, TWO traps, and/or a 9 foot offset are NOT allowed and if he suggests any of them get a different installer who is a REAL plumber.

How far from vent can p-trap be?

if the fixture requires a 1 ¼ -in. trap, the distance from the weir of the trap to the vent pipe opening “shall not” exceed 30 inches.

Can p-trap be lower than drain pipe?

You attach the p-trap directly to the drainage and manuever the p-traps exits into you existing drain. It is not ideal to have the p-trap below the the exit drain because water gravity has to force the water out instead of it flowing downwards naturally.

Does the vent go before or after the p-trap?

Plain and simple, the vent comes AFTER the trap. A vent before the trap does absolutely nothing. The open drain inlet at the bottom of the sink is the vent before the trap. It is why fixtures do not need ANY vent to drain, they need a proper drain to not siphon the trap.

What is the name of the fitting that connects the p-trap to the drain?

Tailpiece The drain is connected to your P-trap and plumbing connection hidden within the walls. Tailpiece: Often referred to as the drain tailpiece, this is the section of piping that connects to the drain fitting. It carries water away from the sink.

What can I use instead of P-trap?

Recently I discovered the amazing HepvO Waterless Valve. Its a new solution to this old problem. Using a flexible silicon tube inside that seals out air but allows water to flow in one direction, it performs the same task without using any water and without being large and bulky like a p-trap.

How do you clean an HVAC P-trap?

1:363:56Fast and Easy Clean Out of Condensate Lines on an AirYouTube

Can bath and shower waste join together?

There is no specific trap as its expected that both units will have enough fall to prevent this possiblity. A bottle trap is not recommended for a bath but you can put a normal s bend on. If you have only a slight fall on your waste pipes.

Can you make your own P trap?

You can make your our p-traps from fittings so long as they maintain the required trap seal.

What happens if P-trap is backwards?

In the bottom picture we can see that when the trap is installed “backwards” the distance labeled “B” is much greater than distance “A”—–a much higher hill for the water to get over. Well eventually the trap will clog up with debris and water will just not drain properly.

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