Question: How does search work on Zoosk?

Like a lot of dating platforms, Zoosk also has a matching algorithm they use to come up with what they call SmartPicks. Whenever the algorithm finds someone they think youll be really into, youll find them in the SmartPick feature. And if you both like each other you can start chatting.

Can you browse on Zoosk?

Go Invisible allows you to check out other members without them knowing. After purchasing Go Invisible with Zoosk coins, youll have 30 minutes to browse and view other members without them knowing. Finding Go Invisible is slightly different depending on how youre accessing Zoosk.

How do you narrow your search on Zoosk?

From your smartphone go to the Chrome app or Safari App and reach the site on the menu icon at the top left corner of your screen.Tap the Filter icon close to Search.Select your preferred age range and distance.Tap Search.More items

Can you choose who sees you on Zoosk?

On Zoosk, profiles are private and can only be seen by other Zoosk members who are logged into the app and not the general public. If youd like to hide your profile from other Zoosk members, there are two options: pausing your account or using the Hide & Seek upgrade.

Can you be hidden on Zoosk?

Yes! If youd like to hide your profile from Zoosk for a time, you can pause your account. Pausing lets you temporarily hide your profile from Zoosk and still keep your profile, connections, and message history for when you come back. Your profile is hidden from Zoosk and wont be shown to other Zoosk members.

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