Question: Is Tirana a safe city?

Warnings & Dangers in Tirana Tirana is a relatively safe city to travel to. There are mild threats, nothing that should stop you from traveling there. Since its the capital of Albania, there are no major issues, and the only area you should avoid is Albanias border with Kosovo.

Is Albania dangerous for tourists?

It is a safe country Albania is one of the least dangerous places in Europe. According to the UK Foreign Office, public safety is generally good, and there are very few reports of crime aimed at foreigners or tourists, although pickpocketing does happen.

Is Tirana safe to live?

Safety and Security in Tirana Albanias reputation as a dangerous place for foreigners is now extremely outdated, and Tirana is a very safe European capital city to live in. Street crime and pickpocketing is very rare compared to most other capitals in the region. The police emergency number in Tirana is 129.

What is the most dangerous place in Albania?

The well-known journalist shows the most dangerous city in Well-known journalist Elton Qyno has shown the city with the highest crime in Albania.He says that Vlora has always been at the highest level of crime in Albania. It produces about 4,500 crimes a year.Elbasan and Shkodra have the same crime dynamics.

Is Tirana a nice city?

Tirana is the cultural, economic, entertainment and political centre of Albania. It is a town full of interesting things to see and do. It maybe not be as beautiful as other Eastern European capital cities, but it has charm.

Is it cheap to live in Albania?

Is Albania cheap to live as a foreigner? Yes. Albania living costs are so low compared to the rest of Europe, you will be able to live much nicer for much less.

Can you drink tap water in Albania?

Is the tap water safe to drink in Albania? Tap water is drinkable but it holds a high amount of chlorine, which affects the taste. Drinking too much tap water might cause stomach cramps, therefore filtered water is recommended. To protect the environment we recommend you to invest in a good water bottle.

How long does it take to become a citizen of Albania?

According to Albanian law, citizenship can also be acquired by naturalisation. In order to apply, the prospective applicant must meet a number of requirements including being at least 18 years of age and having resided in the Republic of Albania for at least 5 years.

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