Question: Where can I go with my boyfriend in Bangalore?

Which is the best place for lovers in Karnataka?

Romantic Destinations In KarnatakaCoorg. Enthralling coffee and spices plantations, munificent forest cover, the gorgeous gorges and waterfalls and the perennially misty landscape of the place make Coorg fondly referred to as the Scotland of India. Mysore. Chikkamagaluru. Kabini. Gokarna. Hampi. Kemmanagundi.

Which place is better for honeymoon in Karnataka?

Mysore – The Palace Town of Karnataka Touted to be the best honeymoon place near Bangalore, Mysore and its beauty can never be forgotten. The intricate detailing of the Mysore palace, the golden hues, and the pretty garden – the splendor of this place is unmatchable.

Where can I travel with my love?

THE MOST ROMANTIC PLACES IN THE WORLD EVERY COUPLE IN LOVE SHOULD VISITBruges, Belgium. Ubud, Bali. The Isle Of Skye, Scotland. Padar Island, Indonesia. Cinque Terre, Italy. Kyoto, Japan. The Maldives. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany.More items

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