Question: Is boyfriend to death free?

The game is downloadable for free on both PC and Mac, although players almost always need to disable their computers anti-virus systems in order to start it.

How many endings are in boyfriend to death?

Crowning mention goes to Rens route, which has 27 endings.

What is Lawrence oleander?

A soft spoken man who prefers to keep to himself. He rarely leaves his house during the day and likes to spend outdoors at night when he can. - Ingame Description. Lawrence is one of the dateable main characters in Boyfriend to Death 2: Fresh Blood.

How old is Ren Hana?

Appearance. Ren is 19 years old in the first game and 21 in the second game. He is five foot one in both games. Rens natural features are simple shades of orange, white and a dull black at the top of his ears.

How tall is Ren Hana?

He is five foot one in both games.

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