Question: Is there a dating site for car people?

Date My Ride is the worlds largest free dating website for car enthusiasts. Our website takes dating to a whole new level based on the kind of car your date drives.

How do people meet cars?

Start looking around on Facebook for a meet or a Cars and Coffee. If you can, try to find more casual events, without judges or prizes. Its easier to make friends in a noncompetitive environment. The added bonus to all this is that you get to ogle some awesome cars and get a taste of what people in your area drive.

What happens at a car meet?

Car meets are a time for local car enthusiasts to get together to show off their sweet rides and build a community. Car enthusiasts would wake up with the sun and drive to a local Hardees, grocery store, or parking lot to enjoy their passion, their builds, and talk about their histories with the cars they own.

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