Question: Whats wrong with Dennis in Good on Paper?

Good on Paper Ending Explained In the end, Andrea and Margot found out that Dennis is a serial liar. He lied about his Yale degree, his mothers illness, his house, and his job. In short, he was an imposter and a con-man. Dennis had a Narcissistic personality disorder.

Who is the real Dennis in good on paper?

Ryan Hansen In the 94-minute Netflix film released Wednesday, which Shlesinger wrote and produced, she stars as driven comic Andrea Singer, who meets and eventually falls for Dennis Kelly (Ryan Hansen), supposedly a Yale-educated man working in finance.

How accurate is good on paper?

Is There A True Story Behind Good On Paper? Yes! Iliza actually wrote the film based on someone she dated years prior, according to Vanity Fair. The beauty of this movie is that it is accurate.

Is the billboard in good on paper real?

Shlesinger wrote the ending to give the audience a win Viewers dont know if Dennis ever sees the billboard — in the film, he disappears from his apartment, leaving all his things behind — and the truth is that the court case and the billboard did not happen in real life.

What is the true story behind good on paper?

The film tells the wild, mostly true story of how the comedian was duped after a meet-cute on an airplane. “He was just sitting next to me, and we started talking and really got along. He was a nice, preppy hedge fund type. My boyfriend was picking me up from that flight, and his girlfriend was picking him up.

Did Andrea Singer really date a liar?

Yes. The Good on Paper true story confirms that this is indeed how she met her lying ex-boyfriend. She described meeting him on a plane during her 2015 stand-up segment titled Lying Brian on Comedy Centrals This Is Not Happening, as well as during her 2014 Joe Rogan Experience podcast appearance.

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