Question: Which park is best for couple in Kolkata?

Is Central Park good for couples?

If youre looking for a romantic date in New York City, you cant beat heading to Central Park. Whether youre just meeting someone for the first time, or youre looking for the right spot to pop the question, youll find it all in Central Parks 843 acres.

How much does it cost to get into Central Park?

It does not cost anything to get into the park.

Is Central Park quiet?

Spanning 843 acres, Central Park might seem like it offers more than enough space for crowds to thin out and for you to find a quiet, secluded spot to yourself. Thankfully, with all that acreage, the park offers a lot of hidden nooks and corners to explore.

Is Central Park for free?

Central Park is free, but has its own paid shares of attractions as well. With its vastness, youll definitely need a guide to help you pinpoint exactly where to go, and what to do within it if youre pressed for time.

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