Question: Where is eharmony based?

eHarmony is based in Los Angeles, California, and owned by German mass media company ProSiebenSat.

Where is Eharmony based out of?

Los Angeles eHarmony is an online dating site that matches like-minded and compatible people based on personality tests. eHarmony was launched in the year 2000 and is currently based in Los Angeles, California.

What company owns Eharmony?

NCG - NuCom Group SE Parship Group GmbHProSiebenSat.1 Media eharmony/Parent organizations

Is Eharmony a private company?

Neil Clark Warren, eHarmony is the first and only online dating site dedicated exclusively to helping serious singles build lasting relationships for life-long love and happiness. eHarmony is a private company headquartered in Pasadena, California and on the Web at

Does Eharmony match based on location?

eharmony matches you with compatible local men or women - whether youre looking for love in Los Angeles, Denver, or Seattle. Finding your ideal match in your own neighborhood has never been easier with eharmony.

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