Question: Where to go on a date in Miami?

What is there to do in Miami with no money?

TOP 10Soak up the Sun on South Beach. Take a Free Tour Through the Art Deco District. Capture the Incredible Street Art of Wynwood. Take a Ride on the Metromover. Tap Into Your Inner Yogi with a Yoga Class at Bayfront Park. Experience Cuban Culture on Calle Ocho in Little Havana. Visit the Museum of Art and Design.More items

What should I do in first night in Miami?

Top 10 Things To Do at NightNight Tour with Big Bus Miami. Watch the Art Deco Turn From Day to Night. Sunset Cruise in Miami. Miami City Lights Air Tour. Art Walk at Night. Visit a Local Nightclub. Live Jazz Performances. Outdoor Movies & Music.More items

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