Question: Why do I get jealous when my girlfriend hangs out with her friends?

Why do I feel jealous when my girlfriend hangs out with her friends?

Irrational jealousy This type of jealousy occurs when attention becomes a demand. We demand that our partner is with and for us. When we feel this kind of jealousy, we do not like our partner to be related to anyone but ourselves, since we consider it a threat to the relationship.

How do I stop being jealous of my girlfriends friends?

Begin by being honest with yourself. Try to figure out why you feel threatened by her friends. Perhaps they are in better shape than you are or they have higher sources of income, and you are afraid your girlfriend will find these features attractive. Then, ask yourself if your fears are valid.

Is it OK for my GF to have a lot of guy friends?

You may begin to form friendships with them as well. While its totally acceptable — even natural — to feel a bit insecure, she wants a guy who is cool with her having male friends because he knows how much she cares about him.

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