Question: Why are potheads called potheads?

A pothead is a type of insulated electrical terminal used for transitioning between overhead line and underground high-voltage cable or for connecting overhead wiring to equipment like transformers. Its name comes from the process of potting or encapsulation of the conductors inside the terminals insulating bushing.

Whats the difference between potheads and stoners?

As nouns the difference between stoner and pothead is that stoner is one who stones while pothead is a person who smokes cannabis frequently, to excess.

Why is a stoner called a stoner?

The origins of the word “stoner” are unclear, but weve narrowed down a few theories. It may derive from the Italian word “stonato,” which means “bewildered, confused, or dazed.” Or it might be a metaphor, rooted in literally getting stoned, or having rocks thrown at you.

Why do they call it pothead?

A derivation of the phrase “gone to pot” in reference to the effects of smoking cannabis. A vessel used for the consumption of opium was sometimes referred to as a “pot” and it could have come to mean any consumption of drugs by way of inhalation.

What is a pothead called?

▲ A person who smokes cannabis frequently, to excess. stoner. weedhead. druggie.

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