Question: What is the oldest Pfaltzgraff pattern?

Heritage, the oldest pattern of dinnerware still in production, was introduced in 1963. The Yorktowne pattern began production in 1967.

Is Pfaltzgraff Tea Rose pattern retired?

Introduced in 1998, Pfaltzgraff Tea Rose Holiday is a holiday version of the popular Tea Rose pattern, and was retired in 2000.

Is Pfaltzgraff Village Pattern retired?

Pfaltzgraff retired Village in 1996. The pattern was brought back as part of the Pfaltzgraff By Request Program since at least 2004, continuing through 2020, where avid fans can continue to add to their collections.

When was Pfaltzgraff Tea Rose made?

1985 Description: Stoneware, Pink Roses, Blue Flowers Tea Rose was first produced in 1985, and this lovely pattern remains one of our most popular Pfaltzgraff designs today!

Is Pfaltzgraff Tea Rose dishwasher safe?

Constructed of stoneware. Each service includes: 10-1/2 inch dinner plate, 7-1/2 inch salad plate, 14 ounce soup cereal bowl, and 12 ounce mug. Microwave and dishwasher safe.

Is Pfaltzgraff dishes lead-free?

This Pfaltzgraff, Made in the USA dish (age unknown, pattern name unknown, tested in 2014) tested positive for lead at 60 parts per million (ppm) when tested with an XRF instrument. This level of lead is considered safe by all standards, American and European.

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