Question: Is there matchmaking for trials of Osiris?

Matchmaking has blown Trials wide open from an accessibility standpoint. While you will find yourself matched with players of all skill levels, it is just that, all skill levels, rather than practically every match being Gilded Flawless three stacks, even if youre a player struggling to get to three wins.

Is trials of Osiris card based matchmaking?

Theres one additional change thats worth mentioning: Trials of Osiris uses a mix of Passage and Skill-Based Matchmaking. Matchmaking experience is limited as of writing, but SBMM seems to be front-loaded to the first few wins of your Passage. Card-based matchmaking seems to take precedence after your third win.

Is trials matchmaking Destiny 2?

The lack of Trials of Osiris matchmaking in the past has made the mode completely inaccessible to some Destiny 2 players, making it impossible for them to unlock some of the rewards or complete all of the Seasonal Challenges.

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