Question: Where is the Sirius radio module located?

Its under the rear package shelve. Rear seatback comes off to access the digital receiver.

Where is SiriusXM located?

Our main studios are in Hollywood, California, NYCs Rockefeller Center and Washington, DC. And not to toot our own horn here, but we suspect they might be the largest, most sophisticated digital radio broadcasting facilities in the world — complete with unbelievable performance spaces for artists.

How do I get Sirius off my radio?

However, if you already decided that you wanted the service to continue and now want to opt out, you have a few options for canceling. The most direct is to give SiriusXM customer service a call at 1-866-635-5027; available hours are currently Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (all times Eastern).

Can you track Sirius radio?

Yes, if you have an active SiriusXM Guardian or Uconnect Access subscription. First contact the police to report your stolen vehicle and obtain a case number.

How do I fix my XM radio antenna?

Try unplugging the antenna and then reinstalling it to see if the problem goes away. Also, with SiriusXM Radio playing, try flexing the antenna cable along its length and at the connection points. If there is a disruption in the sound, youll need a new antenna.

How do I access my Sirius Travel Link?

To access SiriusXM Travel Link using your touchscreen, press the Apps icon in the Feature bar, and then press the SIRIUS Travel Link icon. When the next screen appears, press the icon of the service you wish to access, and SYNC will display the services information on the touchscreen.

Why are some of my Sirius channels not working?

Make sure all of the cables between your SiriusXM radio and your stereo system are connected firmly and securely. Make sure the FM mode in the SiriusXM Radio is turned Off. Make sure host radio is on auxiliary input mode. If the problem persists, it may be interference from another FM channel.

How do I activate my travel link?

SiriusXM Travel Link services are only available in vehicles equipped with the Sensus Navigation system. From the center displays App view, tap Travel Link to activate the feature .Tap OK to display a list of SiriusXM Travel Link services:Alerts.Fuel.Sports.Weather.Favorites.

What channel is SiriusXM weather?

Channel 721 As a public service, SiriusXM has teamed up with The Weather Channel to provide their live coverage on Channel 721 (Limited Edition 4), which launched on August 3 at 12pm ET.

How do I refresh my Sirius signal?

Text the word Refresh to 77917 . Well send you a text with special link to start the refresh radio process. View a sample of the text message . Once youre in front of your radio, follow instructions in the text message to complete the signal refresh.

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