Question: Where is model number on Smith and Wesson revolver?

Revolvers - The official serial number is located on the bottom of the butt of the frame. Some revolvers also have the serial number located on the inside of the frame, in the yoke area.

Where is the model number on S&W 38 special?

Its located on the bottom of the grip frame.

When did Smith and Wesson start using model numbers?

Why 1957? Thats the year when S&W switched over to assigning model numbers to each revolver rather than identifying them only by unique names (e.g., “Registered Magnum” or “Combat Masterpiece”).

Where is serial number on revolver?

Serial numbers are often located on the butt, but may also be located on the side of the frame. Some older single action revolvers have a serial number located on the frame just in front of the trigger guard. Some older top-break revolvers have serial numbers located on the top strap, beneath the cylinder.

What is the lightest Smith and Wesson revolver?

Smith & Wesson Model 329PD Smith & Wesson Model 329PD is the Lightest Large-Caliber Revolver on Earth. The . 44 Magnum cartridge was invented in the late 1940s and introduced in 1950.

Where is serial number on a gun?

Serial numbers are almost always found on the butt. Some older models may have a serial number stamped on the cylinder and on the bottom of the barrel with a “B” prefix. Newer large- frame models may have the serial number stamped in the crane.

Do revolvers have serial numbers?

As per the GCA, all firearms manufactured or imported into the United States are required to bear a serial number.

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