Question: What was the average cost of an AOL subscription?

It also carries a $4.99 per month price tag, whereas most previous versions of AOL Desktop were free to use.

How much does AOL premium cost?

Get two of our popular services for the premium AOL Mail experience—all for one low monthly fee of $8.99.

How much does an AOL email account cost?

Secondly is AOL Ad-Free Email — — which costs $4.99 a month and essentially provides the same services as Free Email, except the monthly subscription fees ensure no third-party ads interfere with usage.

How much is AOL per year?

But if you want it and you buy the service independently, it costs $79.99 per year for three devices. An additional $24.00 per year gets subscribers “AOL Advantage Plus” and LifeLock Identity Theft Protection.

Does AOL charge a monthly fee?

If youre on the Free AOL plan, youre still assigned a billing date even though there are no monthly fees. AOL for Broadband - The charge for your monthly AOL subscription if you have cable or DSL connectivity.

Is there a free version of AOL?

If youre already connected to the internet and dont use AOL dial-up, you can still access AOL software, email and several other services at absolutely no cost. Free AOL services include: Your AOL username and email account, accessible at

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