Question: Who does Tina Cohen Chang end up with?

Who did Tina Cohen Chang end up with?

The relationship between Tina and Mike has been the longest-lasting relationship of any to appear on the show to date, lasting two entire seasons, without any break-ups. However, by the start of Season Four, Tina has broken up with Mike, choosing not to commit to a long-distance relationship.

Does Tina go to New York glee?

She spends her last days of high school doing activities with fellow glee club seniors Blaine, Artie, and Sam Evans. She graduates with them in the middle of season five and goes to study at Brown University. Later, she visits New York to attend Rachels opening night in Funny Girl on Broadway.

Does Tina have a crush on Blaine?

After Tina insistently demands for a reason why he rejected her, Blaine reveals that its because he has a crush on Sam before slumping to the floor. They laugh together and Tina then asks Blaine out a second time, this time as best friends, solidifying their friendship, though Tina still harbors feelings for Blaine.

Do Tina and Mike Chang end up together?

Dating Status: However, Tina admits she still loves him and that they are friends now. Since then, they have spoke and decided to talk things out between them, to see if they get back together. In the end, they never rekindled their relationship, but rather rebuilt their friendship.

Why did Tina break up with Artie?

They break up in the nineteenth episode of Season Two, Rumours, due to Artie calling Brittany stupid (because he felt hurt that she had cheated on him with Santana, and that he was the only person who never called her that).

Does Blaine like Sam?

In the Hallway, after much hesitation, he reveals that he has a crush on Sam. In a flashback of an earlier moment that day, Blaine is in the library and Sam tells him about what he found to prove that the Warblers cheated, in which we see Blaines crush for Sam grow.

What episode of Glee does Blaine get sick?

The Back-up Plan The Back-up Plan (Glee)The Back-up PlanGlee episodeEpisode no.Season 5 Episode 18Directed byIan BrennanWritten byRoberto Aguirre-Sacasa9 more rows

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