Question: What does relationship limbo mean?

Relationship limbo is a state that is sort of in-between being single and in a committed, close relationship. While you may know that your relationship isnt going to last forever or lead to marriage, its not necessarily making you unhappy.

Can you escape Limbo?

There are only two ways to escape Limbo. The first is to find two columns of Unraveled Fabric in a U shape, which represent a gateway back into a random dimension. The second is to go down deeper into Limbo, until you find a black void near some low points in the terrain (composed of Ancient fabric ).

How do you deal with a relationship in Limbo?

How to Deal With Relationship LimboClearly Communicate Your Needs. You might not be miserable in your relationship, but you know that something is missing. Continue Dating. Spend Some Time Apart. Break It Off.

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