Question: What are the different types of cufflinks?

How do you choose cufflinks?

The most crucial factor for knowing when and where to bring out your cufflinks is your dress shirt. You will know right away based on the cuffs whether cufflinks are appropriate. The first thing to look is buttonholes on either cuff. If there are no buttons, then you will know that it is a shirt meant for cufflinks.

What are whale back cufflinks?

Whale back cufflinks involve a similar concept to bullet back cufflinks. They include a 90 degree rotating bar that attaches to a metal bridge. The main difference is that whale back cufflinks have a short, usually rectangular, thick rotating bar.

We believe that anyone can wear cufflinks with jeans, you just have to be smart about it. The guidelines below will help you best wear cufflinks with denim: Your denim should be dark, straight or slim-fitting, and free of rips or holes. Color variation vis-à-vis whiskering should be minimal.

Just as buttons come in different styles and materials, so do cufflinks — but often more extravagantly so. Considered a more decorative choice, cufflinks can go from classic and minimalist to trendy and fanciful.

What is the most expensive brand of cufflinks?

Canary Diamond cufflinks, with an asked price of $4.2 million per pair. Crafted from 18-carat white gold, the worlds most expensive cufflinks boast with a center piece that consists of 21 carats of canary yellow diamonds, surrounded by 10.76 carats of additional baguette cut white diamonds.

Cufflinks are most commonly worn for formal events, weddings and with business attire. They should be worn when a full suit or a blazer is part of the overall attire.

What is the most expensive tie?

The most expensive necktie in the world is a product of the Satya Paul Design Studio and the Suashish Diamond Group, who teamed up to bedazzle a necktie with almost $220,000 worth of diamonds, along with 150 grams of gold used for its pattern, and 271 diamonds with a total weight of 77 carats.

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