Question: At what age do French men marry?

The maximum frequency for contracting a PACS occurs at nearly the same age as for marriage (around 26-27 years for women, 28 years for men), and the average age for getting PACSed (32.2 years for women, 34.8 for men) is only slightly below the average age for getting married (32.6 and 35 years respectively).

What age do French men marry?

French people wait longer to marry If men still tend to be older than women at first marriage, the average age at marriage for both males and females increased from 2004 to 2018. In 2018, men were aged on average 38.4 at their first wedding, compared to 35.9 for women.

What is the average age to marry in France?

Mean age of the newlyweds, FranceYear of marriageNumber of marriages between persons of different sexesMean age of marriage1Females2016225 61235.52017226 67135.82018228 34936.124 more rows

At what age Europeans get married?

Women in most countries in Central Europe such as Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, and Belgium marry after the age of 27 years while most of the men marry at the age of 30 years. Northern, Southern, and Western Europe have the highest average age at first marriage for both men and women.

Do French people wait until marriage?

Since there is no need to wait to have sex, or even children to get married, French couples tend to put off getting married for a long time. In the case of children (or property acquisition together), couples sometimes opt to sign on to a legal status known as the PACS which provides certain legal protections.

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