Question: What is beautiful girl in Arabic?

fatat jamila. More Arabic words for beautiful girl. بنت جميلة bnt jamila beautiful girl. noun بنت حلوة

What is the Arabic word for girl?

Arabic for girl The Arabic word for girl is pronounced bint and written ﺑِﻨﺖ.

How do you describe beautiful in Arabic?

Beautiful in Arabic – جميلة (Jamila) In Arabic, you can use جميلة (jamila) to tell a woman shes beautiful, or جميل (jamil) for a man. You can also say وسيم (wasim) to describe a man as “handsome” or “good-looking”.

What is the most beautiful Arabic word?

To prove our point, heres a list of 10 beautiful Arabic words that will have you fall in love with the language, we swear!Ya Amar (يا قمر) Meaning: “My moon” or “My most beautiful” Firdaus (فردوس) Meaning: Paradise. Al naaem(النعيم) Meaning: Bliss. Ishq (عشق) Amal (أمل‎) Noor (نور‎) Ya Rouhi (يا روحي‎) Sadeeq (صَدِيق)More items •Oct 3, 2018

What should I call my husband in Arabic?

يا حياتي (ya hayati) - “my life” In Arabic, you can also call your partner “my life”.

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