Question: How tall is the average Asian male in Canada?

What is the average height for an Asian guy?

Average height for men internationallyCountryAverage HeightIran5 ft 8.3 in (173.6 cm)China5 ft 7.6 in (171.8 cm)Japan5 ft 7.2 in (170.8 cm)Mexico5 ft 6.5 in (169 cm)11 more rows•10 Aug 2017

What is Canadas average male height?

five feet, 10.1 inches The average male height in Canada is five feet, 10.1 inches, or exactly 178.1 cm. Incidentally, five feet, 10 inches is the average male height in quite a few countries, including Germany and Australia, give or take a few inches.

What Asian race is the shortest?

Indonesians are the only people who are shorter than Filipinos in Southeast Asia. Based on the study, Filipino males and Vietnamese males have an average height of 162 centimeters, 2 cm shorter than the average Southeast Asian height of 164 cm.

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