Question: What game show used the song Spanish Flea?

Spanish Flea featured Alperts trumpet over a Latin rhythm backing. In the United States, the song is closely associated with the long-running game show The Dating Game, for which it served as the Bachelors Theme.

Who did the Dating Game theme song?

The 1978 opening theme is found on the Barris albums first track and is credited to Barris and David Mook. The 1980s reboot of the show used music composed by Milton DeLugg, while later editions featured a re-recording of the original theme by Steve Kaplan.

Who wrote the Spanish flea?

Julius Wechter Spanish Flea/Composers

Is Herb Alpert rich?

1) Herb Alpert is an American musician who is worth approximately $850 million. He is a recording industry executive, but he has also sold 72 million records worldwide.

How old is Herb Alpert now?

86 years (March 31, 1935) Herb Alpert/Age Herb Alpert is 86 years old today. Alpert is most associated with the group variously known as Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass, Herb Alperts Tijuana Brass, or TJB.

Is Spanish Flea royalty free?

SPANISH FLEA. wav | Royalty Free Stock Music | davelayne | 2:28 | 817499.

Where is Spanish Flea used?

In film and television In addition to its use in The Dating Game, the song has been used in a variety of film and television soundtracks. It was one of two Alpert songs in a 1966 animated cartoon by John Hubley, A Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass Double Feature.

What is fleas background music?

Flea incorporates elements of funk (including slap bass), psychedelic, punk, and hard rock in his style of playing.

Who is the highest paid singer 2021?

From Billie Eilish To Taylor Swift: Highest Paid Singers Of 2021!BILLIE EILISH. At 19 years old, Billie Eilish is indestructible. QUEEN. Formed in 1970 Queen is somehow still overseeing the charts globally. BTS. POST MALONE. TAYLOR SWIFT.20 Aug 2021

How did Herb Alpert get so rich?

He earned his fortune as the co-founder of A&M Records. He co-founded the company with Jerry Moss. Herb and Jerry sold A&M to PolyGram in 1989 for $500 million in cash. In 1998, Herb and Jerry sued PolyGram and won an additional $200 million payout.

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