Question: Are there any other Craigslist sites in the UK?

Gumtree remains the top classifieds website in the U.K., notching up 15.3 million unique visitors every month. Its generally free to use, but some listings (such as cars) come with a fee, and users can pay to promote any ad that they place.

Is there anything like Craigslist anymore?

Letgo. One of the most popular sites similar to Craigslist is Letgo, which like OfferUp focuses on an image-based format but has robust search features that allow you to search by distance, time since listing, price range and category.

What is Craigslist called in England?

Gumtree Gumtree, Britains eBay-owned version of Craigslist, is going on the classifieds offensive.

How does Gumtree work UK?

Gumtree users can post classified ads across hundreds of product categories. The platform receives millions of UK visitors each month. If youre looking to earn some extra cash on the side or open up another online selling channel for your business, youll find all the info you need to start selling on Gumtree below.

Can Gumtree be trusted?

What does a Gumtree scam look like? Unfortunately, there isnt just one method that scammers use when impersonating Gumtree or fraudulently buying or selling items on the classifieds website. If youre selling or buying or just have an account set up on Gumtree, youre at risk.

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