Question: Is it good to date a pilot?

PROS OF DATING A PILOT: If you love to travel then dating or marrying a Pilot means that youll be able to travel a lot! Plus of course working in aviation Pilots and their partners have access to heavily reduced price airline tickets.

Why You Should Date pilot?

3 - Theyre big on Trust Imagine driving a car with a blindfold. Pilots fly with the use of a flight navigation, instincts and trust. So if youve dated enough people with trust and control issues, try dating a pilot. Imagine the kind of openness one needs when flying a heavy metal without seeing whats ahead!

Are pilots never home?

All in the contract, routes, and choices of the pilot within that contract. Some fly trips of up to two weeks, others are back home every night if they have a home near their base airport and work regional. Some choose to take all available work offered while others stay near the minimum.

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