Question: Is there sharks in Playa del Carmen?

In Playa del Carmen, the bull sharks are in their natural habitat, so you are simply an observer of their daily rituals. They do not bother divers, and with the right diving crew with you, you can rest assured that the experience will be safe and fun.

Has there been a shark attack in Playa del Carmen?

So now you know this, you may be wondering about the chances of a shark attack Playa del Carmen. Well, you really dont need to be, in all the years the bull sharks have been coming to Playa del Carmen there has never been a shark attack.

Are there dangerous sharks in Cancun?

The straightforward answer is yes there are indeed sharks in Cancun. But if you are concerned about being attacked by one, stop worrying right now! There are sharks in all Seas and Oceans except for the Dead Sea (too salty) and very few in the Arctic.

How bad is seaweed in Playa del Carmen?

Ill be honest, the seaweed situation in Playa del Carmen can be bad. Like REALLY BAD. At its worst, there can be mountainous piles of coarse brown sargassum on the beaches with an overpowering rotten eggs smell that makes you want to hold your breath.

When was the last shark attack in Cancun?

Moore was attacked by the shark on Jan. 31 while waist deep in the water during a Cancun vacation with friends. The shark bit a 30-centimetre-long chunk out of Moores left thigh and also bit down on her arm.

Is it safe to walk around Cancun at night?

Downtown Cancun – While primarily safe during the day, be sure to stay in the most touristic parts such as Avenida Tulum and Las Palapas. Do not venture outside the touristy areas, especially at night. Also, avoid isolated roads and driving at night. Take toll roads when possible as they are generally more secure.

Is it safe to swim in the sea in Mexico?

Exercise Caution When Swimming in the Ocean Strong undertow and rough surf are common on many of Mexicos beaches. Dangerous rip currents may be present even though there may be no visible indication from the shore. Most beaches in Mexico do not have lifeguards.

Why is there seaweed in Playa del Carmen?

Sargassum in Playa del Carmen: The latest On-shore trade winds and choppy weather conditions can result in a small bit of sargassum seaweed on our resorts shoreline.

Is it safe to leave resort in Cancun?

Re: Is it safe to leave the resort and explore the area? All of Quintana Roo (state where Cancun and PDC and Tulum are) and Yucatan (Merida, Valladolid) are safe, there are no warnings whatsoever at least from US State Department.

Is it safe to swim in cenotes?

These cenotes are popular, frequently regulated attractions that, for years, have been deemed safe for swimming. Best of all, we always provide life jackets and snorkeling equipment, so we can mitigate any safety risks as much as possible.

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