Question: Where can I buy Johnson Evinrude Motor Parts?

Can you still get parts for Johnson outboards?

To date, the company doesnt manufacture outboards in the Johnson brand any longer. However, servicing and available parts can still be found and offered by reliable companies.

Can you still buy Evinrude parts?

Yes, we will continue to supply customers service parts as needed and honor our manufacturer limited warranty coverage and extended service contracts. Can I continue to go to my Evinrude dealer for maintenance and repair?

Are Evinrude and Johnson parts interchangeable?

It is true that Johnson / Evinrude lower units can be interchanged however, you cant rely on visual comparison alone.

Is Johnson Evinrude out of business?

With three new outboard engines that debuted in 2019 and the boating season happening now Evinrude has closed its doors unexpectedly. The iconic Canadian outboard motor manufacturer is out of business. It will eliminate 400 jobs at its manufacturing plant in Sturtevant, Wisconsin, just outside of Chicago.

When did Johnson outboards go out of business?

OMC filed for bankruptcy on 22 December 2000. It has been owned since 2001 by the Canadian firm Bombardier Recreational Products. Bombardier stopped selling outboards under the Johnson brand after 2007, and moved all sales entirely to Evinrude Outboard Motors until they were discontinued in June 2020.

Why is Evinrude shutting down?

Today, Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) announced that it is immediately shutting down production of the venerable Evinrude outboard engines in order to focus on its other marine endeavors. Altogether, it made the most sense to shut down Evinrude and repurpose the plant for new products and consolidation.

Are Johnson and Evinrude controls the same?

Five controls are designed to fit many different boat types. And each control will fit Evinrude and Johnson outboards starting from 1979. Systemcheck controls are engineered to the exact specifications of the Evinrude engine.

Are outboard controls Universal?

Generally, all other engines and controls use a “universal” 3300/33C type control cable. Universal cables have 10-32 threaded ends and often require extra hardware to connect to the engine and control.

How do you open an Evinrude control box?

Place a center punch inside the head of the Allen screw. Tap on the punch with a rubber mallet, dislodging the control handle splines from the hub splines. Finish unthreading the Allen screw and remove the handle. Remove the three cover screws from the back of the housing.

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