Question: Who viewed my profile Shaadi?

Yes, you can!. Click here to see the list of members who have recently viewed your profile. You can also find this option as Recent Visitors in the More Matches option under the Matches tab.

How do I see who shortlisted me on Shaadi com?

In case you need time to think, you can shortlist these members by clicking Shortlist under small down arrow at the top of profile. App users can find these profiles under Shortlisted option while Website users can find this under Recently Viewed option under Matches Tab.

Can we search someone by name on Shaadi com?

App users can click on the magnifying glass under Matches Tab to avail of the search option. They can click on More Search Options to get the additional search criteria.

How can I see blocked profile in Shaadi com?

These profiles will be moved to Blocked Members list under the Recently viewed tab in Matches . If you change your mind, you can Unblock these members after 48 hours.

How can I find someone on Shaadi?

Search by Profile Id: Every profile at shadi®.com has a Profile Id number unique for that profile. If you know the number just save time and type the profile id to get the result in seconds. Search by religion and caste: Enter the religion and caste and get the desired displays quickly.

Can we search someone on JeevanSathi?

Search, View & Contact Profiles. To contact Members, you are required to Log-in to My JeevanSathi and use the facility of Advanced Search, Quick Search or View Profiles or Photo Club.

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