Question: Can you message on OurTime for free?

The free members Messages (email) inbox is split into two sections: Reply for Free and Subscribe to Read emails. Free members must sign into the website or mobile site to respond. To email other Match members, you must purchase a subscription.

How do you send a message on OurTime?

Using Live ChatNavigate to the profile of the member you want to chat with.To the right of their profile details, click the Chat icon. If you dont see the icon, the member isnt currently online.Type your message in the chat window, and then click Send.

How much does OurTime cost?

OurTime costs One-month premium subscription: $29.99. Three-month premium subscription: $69.99. Six-month subscription: $89.99.

Is the dating site OurTime free? - The #1 Dating Site for 50+ Singles. Over 50 Meet! ITS FREE TO JOIN.

What is connect me on OurTime?

ConnectMe is a premium, paid subscription feature that allows you to talk or text other members and get to know them before you meet in person, all without ever giving out your phone number. Once subscribed to the feature, either member can initiate calls using that system generated number.

How do you use Connect me on OurTime?

Just click the ConnectMe button on your matchs profile page to send a request. Once they accept your request to talk, a phone number will be generated that either of you can use to reach the other. When your phone rings, answer the call, and then accept or decline it using our automated system.

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