Question: How many people use the match dating app?

The Match Group generated 2.39 billion U.S. dollars in revenue in 2020, with roughly 10.94 million subscribers worldwide.

How many customers does match com have?

9.283 million subscribers The company was owned by parent company IAC and in 2019, the company had 9.283 million subscribers, of which 4.554 million were in North America.

How many paid users does match have?

Match Group: annual paid member count 2018-2020. In 2020, the Match Group counted more than 10 million paid subscribers across all of its platforms, up by 12 percent from the previous year. In 2019, the number of paid subscribers of apps and platforms from the Match Group amounted to more than nine million worldwide.

What dating app do people use the most?

Tinder With over 6.5 million monthly downloads in May 2021, Tinder is the most downloaded dating application in the world. First released in April 2012, the American company introduced the swiping model, with people anonymously indicating who they are interested in.

Does Ryan Reynolds own Match?

Thats why Ryan Reynolds agency and production firm Maximum Effort has teamed with popular online dating service Match to deliver a playful, musical campaign encouraging singles to reignite their love lives. Its time to “Get back to love” according Match and Ryan Reynolds-owned Maximum Efforts Productions.

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