Question: Where is Jimi Mistry now?

What does Jimi Mistry do now?

He resides in Jacobs Well, Surrey with his wife, dancer Flavia Cacace, his professional dance partner on Strictly Come Dancing in 2010. The couple married in December 2013.

Where is Flavia Cacace farm?

The professional dancer, 42, and the ex-EastEnders star, 48, swapped their bungalow in Guildford for a seven-acre smallholding in Devon earlier this year.

Who is Jimmy Mistry wife?

Flavia Cacacem. 2013 Meg Leonardm. 2001–2010 Jimi Mistry/Wife

Does Flavia still dance with Vincent?

Her professional dance partner is Vincent Simone (they are branded when performing together as Vincent and Flavia), and for ten years both partners appeared on the BBCs Strictly Come Dancing .Flavia Cacace.Flavia Cacace-MistryNationalityItalianOccupationProfessional dancer, choreographer6 more rows

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