Question: Who is a cat lover?

Did you know? Although the word ailurophile has only been documented in English since the early 1900s, ailurophiles have been around for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians were perhaps historys greatest cat lovers, pampering and adorning felines, honoring them in art, even treating them as gods.

What phile is a cat lover?

ailurophile ailurophile, aelurophile a lover of cats. Also called felinophile, philofelist, philogalist.

Which country has most cat lovers?

Russia In real life, though, which countries have the most cat lovers? According to Dalia Research, Russia has the highest share of cat owners in the world at 59 percent. In the United States, the share of cat owners stands at 43 percent and in the UK, its 32 percent.

Do cats live everywhere?

According to Scientific American, cats are the most popular pet in the world. They live almost everywhere that people do, though of course more of them live in some places than others.

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