Question: Is it easy to make friends in Berlin?

As daunting as it may seem and no matter how gruff Berliners may appear on the surface (were all familiar with the renowned “Berliner Schnauze”), if you put yourself out there and really are open to it, its quite easy to make new friends in Berlin.

How can I make friends in Berlin?

How to make friends in BerlinIts normal to feel lonely.Find your diaspora.Find your support group.Join a hobby meetup.Take a language course.Join the student community.Meet people one on one.Go out on your own.Feb 25, 2021

Are Germans easy to make friends with?

However, I have found that Germans are quite kind, and maybe even easier to befriend than Danes. There are a significant number open to having foreign friends that dont speak German and can be happy to practice their English. Ive met Germans here who are truly some of the most welcoming people and are great friends.

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