Question: What is the average lifespan of a mentally challenged person?

Results. Kaplan-Meier survival plots showed a strong negative association between severity of intellectual disability and survival, with median life expectancies of 74.0, 67.6, and 58.6 years for people with mild, moderate, and severe lev- els of handicap.

Do people with disabilities die early?

Women with a learning disability died on average at 59 years old (27 years earlier than women in the general population). Men with a learning disability died on average at 61 years old (22 years earlier than men in the general population).

Do learning disabilities affect life expectancy?

People with learning disabilities have lower life expectancy and cancer screening rates. The inequality is greater in women than men. Men with a learning disability had an average life expectancy of 66 in 2017-18, compared with 80 in men without a recorded disability.

How many years younger do people with learning disabilities die?

People with learning disabilities are dying 25 years younger than the general population.

Do people with learning disabilities live long?

People with Developmental Disabilities Have Much more Life to Live. Adults with any type of development disability (DD) die an average of 23.5 years earlier than adults without developmental disability.

Do people with a learning disability die younger?

People with learning disabilities die 16 years sooner on average than the general population and more than a third of these deaths are down to people not getting the right healthcare, official research has concluded.

How many people with learning disabilities die of preventable causes than the general population?

Poor quality healthcare causes avoidable deaths The Confidential Inquiry into premature deaths of people with a learning disability also found that 38% of people with a learning disability died from an avoidable cause, compared to 9% in a comparison population of people without a learning disability (Heslop et al.

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