Question: Why are Dutch so beautiful?

In the Netherlands, people have access to sufficient healthy food, such as fruit and vegetables. Good medical care, such as GPs and dentists, is also available. This allows the Dutch people to take good care of their bodies. Its for this reason that the Dutch look healthy and well-groomed.

Are the Dutch good looking?

Dutch men are not considered the most attractive in the world. A survey among holidaymakers showed youd be more likely to meet good-looking men in Italy. The Italians were especially popular among British, Spanish, and Portuguese women. Dutch men are most popular among people from Norway.

Are the Netherlands pretty?

The Netherlands is the most beautiful country in the world. I used to see pretty pictures of other beautiful countries around the world and was only seeing what my own country was lacking―beautiful mountains and high skyscrapers. There was nothing spectacular about the Netherlands.

What is the prettiest city in the Netherlands?

THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CITIES IN THE NETHERLANDS BESIDES AMSTERDAM1.1 Haarlem.1.2 Utrecht.1.3 The Hague.1.4 Gouda.1.5 Groningen.1.6 Delft.1.7 Alkmaar.1.8 Rotterdam.More items •May 28, 2020

What cities should I visit in the Netherlands?

14 Top-Rated Cities in the NetherlandsAmsterdam. Tulips and canal homes in Amsterdam. Utrecht. Old town Utrecht and the Dom Tower. Maastricht. Maastricht. Delft. Aerial view of Delft. Rotterdam. Rotterdam. The Hague. Old and new buildings in The Hague. Haarlem. Haarlem. Lisse (Keukenhof) Keukenhof.More items •Feb 3, 2020

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