Question: How do you break in a Brooks saddle fast?

How do you soften a Brooks saddle?

The recommendation, which came from a friend that has several of the rather expensive Brooks Swift saddles. Here is what he suggested to do: “Get some mink oil, slather the saddle inside and out then bake at 150 degrees F for about 15 minutes or until the oil soaks in completely.

How long does it take to break in Brooks saddle?

Breaking in a leather saddle is a long and painful process sometimes. There are techniques such as soaking it in oil for 30 min to an hour and then re-applying every few months, but nothing is going to work if you dont get your butt on your seat and ride. It can take as much as 1000 miles to break in a saddle.

Do Brooks saddles break in?

Saddle comfort is about getting the right shape to match your backside, leather saddles like the Brooks will break in and get more comfortable over time, but they wont significantly change shape. If you have the wrong shaped Brooks, it will never break in and get comfortable.

What can I use instead of Brooks Proofide?

Brooks admits that proofide is just tallow, oil and wax. You can treat it with any leather product. The closest would be a combination leather tack conditioner (like is used on horse riding saddles) that includes oil and wax. Feibings or Oakwood or Horsemans all make a tack conditioner.

Are Brooks saddles any good?

When it comes to bike saddles, Brooks really is the gold standard. Sure, as a basic option a comfortable synthetic saddle like ours is plenty comfortable, but only a Brooks saddle will give you the sort of long-term comfort that will stay with you for a lifetime.

What is Brooks Proofide made of?

Brooks produce a dressing, Proofide, which should be applied occasionally. The composition of Proofide is mainly tallow, the current blend also includes some citronella oil, identifiable by its sharp odour.

Can you use mink oil on a Brooks saddle?

It is okay to leave some extra Mink Oil on the surface of the saddle and on the underside of the saddle. 8. Mount the saddle on a seat post and test the saddle for tilt and height on your bike. Put on some old bike shorts and go for a short 10 minute ride (shorter is better at this time).

How do you treat a new Brooks saddle?

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