Question: What is special in Chennai?

Home to temples, dosa and beaches, it is also a place where history has been made. Here are 10 things unique to wonderful Chennai. Chennai has many beautiful beaches — Besant Nagar, Thiruvanmiyur, Covelong and more. However, the Marina Beach gains prominence as it is the worlds second largest urban beach.

What is special to buy in Chennai?

Yet another popular bazaar of this distinguished city, is the Pondy Bazaar, salwar materials, kurtas, fashion accessories, footwear, and handbags, trendy clothes, mobile phones, and accessories are some of the things to buy in Chennai.

What is special food in Chennai?

Street food of ChennaiIdli and Sambhar, a common dish in Chennai.Dosai Chutney Hotel Saravana Bhavan.Onion Tomato Uttapam.Pongal with chutney, sambar, vada.Vada sambar chutney.Milagaai Bajji or Chilli Bhajji.Biriyani.Pista Kulfi.

What is famous sweet in Chennai?

Kozhukkatta is a popular Indian sweet dumpling made from rice flour, grated coconut, and jaggery. It is similar to modaks available in other parts of India.

What is famous in Pondy Bazaar?

Naidu Hall and Krishna Tulsi are quite famous for innerwear and lingerie, so ladies, make sure you check them out. If you wish to do some saree shopping, head over to Palam Silks or Shreenivas Silks for pure silk sarees. Pondy Bazaar has a lot to offer to non-shoppers too.

What should I buy in T Nagar?

Whether youre looking for traditional sarees, budget knick-knacks or a space to play rooftop footy, this guide to shopping in T Nagar.Saravana Stores. Street Shopping In Pondy Bazaar. Saree Shopping At Pothys. Jewellery Shopping. Dinner At The Crown, Residency Towers. Play Football At Tiki Taka. Dawood Shoes. Shivani Store.More items

How much is a meal in Chennai?

While meal prices in Chennai can vary, the average cost of food in Chennai is ₨428 per day. Based on the spending habits of previous travelers, when dining out an average meal in Chennai should cost around ₨171 per person. Breakfast prices are usually a little cheaper than lunch or dinner.

Which language is spoken in Chennai?

Tamil speaking Today, over 75% of Chennai is natively Tamil speaking. However, the traditional presence of various linguistic communities in the city meant that Tamil speakers were historically in close contact with these other languages, as is only natural.

How did Chennai get its name?

Etymology. The name Chennai is of Telugu origin. It was derived from the name of a Telugu ruler, Damarla Mudirasa Chennappa Nayakudu, father of Damarla Venkatapathy Nayak, a Nayak ruler who served as a general under Venkata III of the Vijayanagar Empire from whom the British acquired the town in 1639.

Is Pondicherry safe at night?

Pondy is completely safe at night. But the markets, bars and eateries shut down by 11.00pm. As such there is no night life in Pondy , if you are expecting something similar to Goa with regards to night life, then Pondy is not the place. You can find bars in french colony which is just parallel to the beach.

Why is it called Pondy Bazaar?

Ranganathan Street was named after the Deity by a resident. There are two references to how Pondy Bazaar got his name. It is said that the market Soundarapandia Bazaar was named after Justice Party politician W.P.A. Soundarapandian Nadar.

How much is a beer in Chennai?

FoodFood ItemsPrices (Rs)Meal at McDonalds₹250 – ₹500Domestic Beer (0.5-liter draught)₹100 – ₹160Imported Beer (0.33-liter bottle)₹230 – ₹300Tea / Coffee (regular)₹7 – ₹204 more rows•23 Aug 2019

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