Question: Is Tucson safe?

Residents of Tucson have a 1 in 20.2 chance of becoming a victim of property crime. Violent crime is on a slow decline, with only 736 per every 100,000 people. Crime rates aside, Tucson is an extremely popular place to live.

Is Tucson Arizona a safe city?

Tucson, AZ crime analytics With a crime rate of 41 per one thousand residents, Tucson has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes - from the smallest towns to the very largest cities. Ones chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime here is one in 24.

Whats so bad about Tucson?

According to one website says Tucson is the most dangerous city in the state. With a violent crime rate of 421 incidents for every 100,000 people, Tucsons violent crime rate is actually higher than the national average.

Is Tucson AZ a good place to live?

Great for Snowbirds & Retirees Warm weather, sunny skies, and little to no snow each year are all reasons why snowbirds like to live in Tucson. With lower independent living costs, a variety of outdoor activities for older adults, and no tax on Social Security benefits, Tucson is a popular place to retire in Arizona.

What part of Tucson is safest?

The top three safest neighborhoods in Tucson are Saguaro Miraflores, Tucson Park West, and Houghton. Saguaro Miralores has a crime rate 54% lower than that of the national average.

Is Tucson depressing?

Heres what they found after looking at nearly 130,000 tweets from Arizona, according to spokesperson Karina Tissnés: Tucson is the saddest and angriest city in the state, tweeting #sad and #angry more frequently than any other city.

Why is rent so high in Tucson?

The Tucson market saw one of the highest increases in rental prices in the state last year due to growing demand and limited supply. Local rents have jumped 7.1% from last year, compared to 5.2% for Arizona as a whole. The national average dropped 1.2%, according to Apartment List data.

Is Tucson warm in the winter?

Tucson has a dry desert-like climate, with really hot summers. The winter weather is mild and sunny, and a great time to be outside. The average daily winter temperature in Tucson is around 70°F (21°C), slowly rising in the spring.

Is Tucson cheaper than Phoenix?

The Cost of Living in Tucson vs. Phoenix. Cost of living is a big concern when deciding where to live. In general, Tucson tends to be more affordable than Phoenix.

Why is Tucson so hazy today?

The haze in the air today is caused by smoke from the massive wildfire in New Mexico. News 4 Tucson meteorologist Jeff Beamish says winds will likely shift the smoke away from Arizona later today.

Are rents going up in Tucson?

According to Zumpers National Rent report, the price of a one-bedroom apartment in Tucson is up more than 14 percent since this time last year. The rise in prices is leaving Tucsonans like Klein in a tough situation.

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