Question: Is New Mexico safe?

Is New Mexico a dangerous place to live?

New Mexico has some of the highest crime rates in the US. Among all 50 states, New Mexico had the second-highest violent crime rate (behind Alaska) and the second-highest property crime rate (behind Louisiana).

How bad is the crime in New Mexico?

New Mexicos property crime rate is 48% higher than the average crime rate in the United States. Taos Ski Valley has the highest property crime rate in New Mexico (72.5 incidents per 1,000 people).

Whats the most dangerous city in New Mexico?

Española Besides being the lowrider capital of the world, Española has earned a new title — most dangerous city in New Mexico, according to the most recent available crime statistics by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Why is New Mexico the worst state?

The Land of Enchantments ranking is to due to its poor showing in a number of the metrics: it has the highest crime rates, third-highest poverty rates, lowest income growth and smallest population aged 25 and under who have achieved a high school diploma or further education, according to the analysis.

What is the wealthiest town in New Mexico?

Los Alamos Los Alamos has been named New Mexicos richest town by 24/7 Wall Street. The ranking was based on median household income for towns with a population of fewer than 25,000, and the almost 12,000-person town in northern New Mexico has a median household income of $107,031.

What is the poorest town in NM?

Deming Deming, New Mexico The typical household in New Mexico earns just $45,674 a year, nearly $10,000 less than the median household income nationwide. In Deming, the poorest town in New Mexico, the median income is just $26,044 a year.

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