Question: How did Money Saving Expert start?

Having been a business and personal finance journalist at the BBC, Id then moved on to start working as the Money Saving Expert on TV since 2000, starting at a small channel called Simply Money. Once that went under (as many digital channels did), I started writing a newspaper column and doing various TV appearances.

How does Martin Lewis make his money?

Source of wealth: Internet and media The money guru, who made his fortune helping millions of other people to make ends meet, still oversees the MoneySavingExpert website he launched in 2003 with £100 and writes for it regularly. It attracts 16 million visitors a month.

How did Martin Lewis start his business?

TV and radio After graduating in journalism at Cardiff University, Lewis became a producer for the BBC Business Unit working on the BBC Radio Five Live business programmes and as an editor of BBC Radio 4s Today programme business slot. Almost all of its 51 staff, including Lewis, lost their jobs.

Is MoneySavingExpert reliable?

MoneySavingExpert has a consumer rating of 4.35 stars from 17 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. MoneySavingExpert ranks 8th among Personal Finance sites.

What does the MoneySavingExpert do? is a British consumer finance information and discussion website, founded by financial journalist Martin Lewis in February 2003. The websites focus is to provide people with information on saving money in the form of deals, tips and journalistic articles.

Can you get in touch with Martin Lewis?

If you desperately want to contact Martin you can use the PM facility on the chat forum, although this should be reserved for dire emergencies!

Why is Moneysupermarket so successful?

Today, Moneysupermarket Group is a successful and growing business driven by a clear purpose of helping customers save money. Started the £60M+ three year technology investment programme to deliver a step change in the customer experience, making it easier for every household to make the most of their money.

How does Moneysupermarket make its money?

We get paid by the companies we work with, but the payment we get will never make any difference to how much you pay for your insurance policy, utilities, or financial service. We get paid in different ways, depending on the type of product or service you buy through us.

Who is the owner of money supermarket?

The Co-founder of, Richard Mason, has discovered that the three sons he raised as his own during his 20 year marriage are not his biological children. The revelation came about after Mr Mason was told by his doctor that he has cystic fibrosis and therefore, has been infertile since birth.

Who invented Moneysupermarket?

Simon Nixon

Can I send Martin Lewis a question?

Whatever difficult question you have, Martin will be here to try and answer it for you. Call us on 08000 30 40 44 or send us an email to Please include your name and phone number on any emails sent.

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